Lila Hart


Lila Hart, La Muse Bohème (LMB)

My evil twin meddling in Nightlife.

Bio (short): 

La Muse Bohème is the shortest description for the Masks of Lila Hart, which include Bird of Paradise at Deep Burning Festivals, Dungeon Mistress within Dark Basements, or Avantgarde Diva in Sound Art Installations. (Currently sailing ship to Hamburg, Portal of the World.) 


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Tara Hill spent half her life with one foot in the global techno movement, and the other in its critical reflection: first, as fascinated raver and music journalist, later as dj and creator of temporary club projects as well as keen reporter on the underground scene for swiss and german dailies, magazines and blogs, nowadays as activist merging academic research and transcendental empiricism (in the deleuzian sense) with a firm believe in the ‘aesthetics of existence’ (Foucault).

Inspired as much by the House of Jack in its Chicago legacy as by the sci-fi soundtrack created by Junglist warriors like female dj-tag-team Kemistry & Storm, as much by Motor City’s Underground Resistance as the Kraut-infused balearic movement, as much by the theorist telltales of IDM as by Psychedelic Occult Adepts in Amsterdam, she does not care about generic genre compartmentalization. Instead, as a ruthless romantic digger she loves to mix records noone might ever before have thought of merging.

As Lila Hart, both anagram and alter ego, she seeks to implement what fascinates her most about the global dance music community: to dwell in pirate utopias between wonder and neverland, and tell their myths and stories as a minoritarian narrative through dj-sets that take the audience into another world – sometimes dark and magical, sometimes deep and hypnotic, sometimes hard, but warm, always in the firm belief that this somehow might turn out to be our shared future past, a paradise lost just a heartbeat away from manifestation.

Lila Hart aka Tara Hill

17/11 Backslash Festival, Zurich 
24/11 Regionale, HeK, Basel
29/11 Der Club ist tot, es lebe der Club! @Renee, Basel 
28/12 Real Life Vinyl Dating Club @Renée w/Kawumski 
31/12 tba, ZH 
14/03 FFZ Fasnachtsfreie Zone, Radio X
16/03 PLUR DJ Team, All Night long @ Rumours, Nebel
13/04 PLUR DJ Team, All Night long @ Dock17, Exil, Rote Fabrik 
03/05 Instore Session @ Sihl Records, ZH 
03/05 Humbug, BS 
17/05 tba HH 
09/06 Rhizom Festival, Zurich
tba/07 Nowhere, Spain 
20/07 Humbug Open Air Rave, Basel


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Hinterhof (BS)
Nordstern (BS)
Nebel (BS) 
Hirscheneck (BS)
Haus elektronische Künste (BS)
Stadtmusik Festival (BS)
Solothurner Filmtage (SO) 
MIR Basel (BS)
Lady Bar (BS) 
Les Belles de Nuit (ZH)
L’ envers (Marrakesch, MAR)
Livingroom (LU) 
Livingroom.FM (BS) 
Electron (GE)
Flatterschaft (BS) 
Funambolo (BS) 
Garage (BS)
Glück (HH, DE) (ZH)
Kugl (SG) 
Kurhotel (HH)
Humbug (BS)
Ibiza Global Radio (ESP) 
Babette (ZH)
Berlin Music Days (DE)
ART Basel (BS)
Alter Zoll (BS) 
Albulatross (ZH) 
Audioasyl (ZH) 
Cabaret (ZH) 
Depot (ZH) 
Dachstock Reitschule (BE)
Frauenraum (BE)
Jungle Street Groove (BS) 
Radio X (BS) 
Rhizom (ZH)
Rote Fabrik (ZH) 
Waagenbau Hamburg (DE)
The Source (Marrakech, MAR)
Tanzwiese (BS)
Tuningbox (DE)
Zoll Otterbach (BS)